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Mike Winters ChrisVin Coaching and Personal Training, Inc.
Mike Winters ChrisVin Coaching and Personal Training, Inc.
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Mike Winters Testimonial Michael by far was one of the best people I have ever worked for. His passion for what he does and his desire to succeed along with helping his colleagues succeed was second to none. Even during tough times or opportunities, Michael has a talent for turning it around and creating a positive result. I would work for Michael wherever he may be because of the fact that he cares for what he does and for the people who help him do it."

Joe Capobianco,
Assistant Vice President of a Hudson Valley Bank
Direct Report

Mike Winters Testimonial To those who know him, inspirational, motivating and persevering are common words describing Mike Winters. Working directly under him as a personal banker allowed me to improve my skills and competencies in my role at the time as well as in future endeavors. As I transitioned to my next role, I was able to greatly appreciate the magnitude for how he actually helped me in my person growth. As an individual of great exemplary conduct I would recommend Mike for a multitude of positions."

Matt George, Personal Banker
Direct Report

Mike Winters Testimonial I found the Mastermind group to be very insightful and thought provoking. Mike is very inspirational. I was amazed at how much more I could accomplish by just focusing on my goals over a 10 week period. I use Mike's weekly coaching to keep my thoughts focused on the positive. He reminds me each week of my own past discoveries and encourages me to use what I've learned. Mike loves his work, and it shows in his energy and enthusiasm. I found that reflecting on my success is motivation to reach toward my next 'big goal'."

Ruth Johnson
Hired Michael as a Career Coach in 2009
Performance Improvement Coach/Facilitator

Mike Winters Testimonial Mike has excellent coaching skills which he demonstrated in each training session we facilitated together. He is adept at asking open-ended questions and listening actively to what learners are saying. His skills as a coach and facilitator really guided learners on their own path to the learning objective, rather than just information dumping. He also excels in providing effective feedback in coaching situations. His approach allows the learner to recognize strengths and opportunities without getting defensive. He demonstrated these qualities with his peers as well."

Dawn Cote, Performance Improvement Coach/Fac II
Worked directly with Michael

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